Since its inception in 1970, Microcopy has been at the forefront in the design and development of diamond and carbide burs for the dental industry. Our NeoDiamond product line—America’s #1 selling diamond—is among the most well respected in the dental marketplace. Our team of engineers, marketers and production experts design, package and perform complete product inspections following our ISO-certified quality management system. Because we are a full-service solution for our customers, we are able to provide unparalleled support complete with a 100% performance guarantee.

In addition to NeoDiamond, we also supply NeoBurr- Safe Carbides, NeoDrys- Parotid Absorbents, Gazelle Polishers, Bite-Chek- Articulation Film, Flaps- Bite Tabs, Insta-Neg, Insta-Fix, and Insta-Veloper. It is our mission to provide strong satisfaction to each of our customers by offering innovative, high value products and this is what keeps our customers coming back and inspires them to spread the word about our products to their peers.